Mistakes And Feelings

Mistakes, they are a weird thing man.
Mistakes can either make you or break you. They help us to become a better person by helping us learn from past experiences. Or they can be so severe that they crush our entire being , not even giving us a chance to rectify things or make amends.
Putting all that aside, you know what is the worst kind of mistake that one can make?
It is the one where we are the one responsible but the victim is someone else. The kind where we have done the deed, but it ruins the life of an entirely different person. And God forbid, that person is the closest to us!
We do not know at times what the consequences to our actions can be. We are unaware what turn our lives can take because of that single little thing.
The worst thing which can happen is to lose a dear one. The one who had blind faith in you, who believed in you even more than yourself.
The heart sinking feeling of being abandoned by that person, the feeling that your action was has so deeply hurt them that they dont even want to see or talk with yo ever again. What do you do? What should be done to make amends?
The answer is you can do nothing. The whole decision of where you both stand lies in the hands of the other person. You can be patient,if you dont want to lose them forever. But there’s no certainty that even after that, they will come back to you.

Feelings, are a weird thing man.
Feelings can make you feel like you are on the top of the world or they can make you feel like you are writhing in pain in a deep pit, gasping for air which is scarce and makes your heart feel heavy.
Feelings connect people. We love some people, we hate some, we become angry, we reconcile. That’s how life goes on.
Feelings can affect a person’s actions a a very high extent. People are governed by their feelings, to say explicitly.
Sometimes people are unclear about they are feeling. They have no clue of what their emotions are trying to tell them. It leads to a havoc within the mind which only they can feel and even if they tell others, noone will be able to understand it as clearly as them.
Describing it to others is one thing, actually going through it, sensing and feeling it is another.

The depth of our feelings towards a person may affects our actions towards that person. We can forgive even their worst mistake if the love is strong and the feelings are powerful enough to make it seem small in front of our bond with that person. Similarly, if we have strong feelings towards a person, we will try our best to avoid making mistakes that might hurt them.

Mistakes affect feelings , Feelings affect mistakes.

The extent to which we are able to control both mostly makes up for where it might lead our lives to, where we reach finally.

Mistakes and feelings go hand in hand.

If a person keeps repeating the same mistake, another person’s feelings about him are likely to change. Why should another person keep on suffering because of them.
So choose wisely my friends, you may knowingly or unknowingly lose a person close to your heart because of your actions. Think before you do something. Not only about how it may affect you but also about how it may affect people connected to you.

Have a happy day. Be positive and spread positivity around you.


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